Frankfurt Perishable Center Reaches 20

It was one of the first of its kind and still claims to be the number one Perishable Center operating in Europe.
Frankfurt airport’s Perishable Center has reached the venerable age of 20 years.

Quality control of perishables is a constant task at Frankfurt’s PCF  /  courtesy Fraport
Quality control of perishables is a constant task at Frankfurt’s PCF / courtesy Fraport

Established in 1995 it is strategically located near Frankfurt airport’s Cargo City North on an area which covers well over 9,000 square meters.
Almost everything which needs special temperature control at Frankfurt airport passes through this facility which boasts direct access to the airport apron.
This is seen as an important factor due to the time limits usually needed for the transfer of perishable goods to and from the aircraft holds.

Presently, more than 120,000 tons of perishable goods, which amount to almost 700 tons daily, pass through its doors.

Joachim von Winning
Joachim von Winning

PCF is open for all airlines
Joachim von Winning, M.D. of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt, of which the Perishable Center is a member, commented when congratulating its staff on the 20th anniversary that, “for air freight at Frankfurt Airport, the Perishable Center is a very important factor from which the hypermarkets and supermarkets and in particular the consumers in the Rhine-Main region and far beyond, enjoy the benefits.”
He went on to stress that the Center is not just there for one or two airline customers, but is open to all companies which use the airport services.

20 different temperature zones
The facility, known fondly in Frankfurt as the PCF, offers a varied and wide range of services, employs around 120 staff and is open 24/7 year round.
Most goods have a very short stay at the PCF.

Once cleared through customs they are then on their way to clients throughout Germany and Europe.
Pharmaceuticals are also starting to play a larger role at the PCF.
The company is proud of the fact that they can offer 20 strictly controlled temperature zones ranging from -24C to +24C.
This enables the PCF to offer Fast Cooling, Vacuum Cooling, Re-freezing as just a few of the services within their portfolio.

Pharma shipments gain ground
It seems that presently there are no plans to extend the existing facility or even think of building a new one.
However, pharma transport by air is becoming an even more import revenue bringer for airlines and shippers and the demand by the pharmaceutical industry for more up-to-date and refined handling and cooling processes is increasing.

We can only assume that the PCF managers are staying on top of this demand.

John Mc Donagh

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