Cargo Executives of AEA Member Airlines Meet European Regulators

Senior cargo executives of carriers belonging to the Association of European Airlines (AEA) last week met with key MEPs, commission directors and transport attachés in the European Parliament to discuss a more competitive European air cargo industry, AEA said in a statement.

AEA’s CEO, Athar Husain Khan.
AEA’s CEO, Athar Husain Khan.

They urged European regulators and policy makers to develop a balanced approach towards infrastructure needs, to ensure a competitive level playing field, to harmonize smart customs and security regulations based on international standards and to create a paperless environment.

Carriers are facing regulatory burdens
The event also allowed airline CEOs to ask European regulators and policy makers to recognise the importance of the European air cargo industry and to reflect this in their transport strategies for the years to come.
AEA said its member airlines are facing regulatory burdens, lack the necessary airport infrastructure and are confronted with administrative inefficiencies which have an immediate impact on Europe’s competitiveness at global level. All these issues were highlighted today in a constructive meeting with MEPs and representatives of the European Commission.

Cargo is still enduring a wallflower existence 
“European regulators often seem to forget about the importance of the air freight industry, and focus only on the passenger side of our business,” said AEA’s CEO, Athar Husain Khan. “The Aviation Package discussion provides a unique opportunity to address the many challenges faced by the cargo divisions of European airlines in this fast changing and globalizing cargo market environment.”
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