Warren Jones Quits – What’s Going on in IATA?

The unexpected news came about at the end of last week.
Warren Jones, President of IATA’s Cargo Network Services (CNS) has given up his position with immediate effect.

Warren Jones has exited CNS
Warren Jones has exited CNS

What’s going on behind the doors at IATA?
Warren was only on seat at CNS for less than two years.
So, was it voluntary or has he been pushed out for some reason?

To be honest, he’s not the first IATA manager who has stepped down (or been “down-stepped”) in the past couple of years.
The news is surprising in the sense that there has been no official murmuring about his performance of late.
On the contrary, Warren has been very active and one would have thought he’d be looking forward to joining in the CNS silver (25 year) anniversary celebrations.

Revolving door syndrom
The position of head of CNS has also not been a very happy one for those who preceded Warren Jones.
They, Jens Tubbesing and Michael Vorwerk, both also had very short terms.
Jones himself is not giving any official comments or reasons as to why he’s stepped down or who is slated to take over the reins at CNS.

The e-AWB implementation was a subject which he involved himself in considerably during his short tenure.

It will be interesting to see whether the IATA top men will give an official explanation as to whether it really was Warren‘s wish, or theirs.

Do internal die-hard opponents block innovations?
One should look back also at last year’s departure of Des Vertannes as head of IATA Cargo.
He had admittedly spent somewhat longer in his position, namely three years.
However, his departure, for personal reasons came as a shock to many considering the work he put into trying to reshape the IATA Cargo division.

Someone recently told CargoForwarder Global that there are still “elements” within IATA who are strongly opposed to too much change, although this would benefit its members considerably.

If this were so - then very short sighted in our view.
The industry needs changing for the better and guys like Jones and Vertannes, along with a few others would have done the organization proud if they‘d (been allowed) stuck to the rails.

John Mc Donagh

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  • #1

    Des Vertannes (Monday, 06 July 2015 23:48)

    John, just to correct you, I spent 4 years at IATA so nobody should consider that a short term especially having spent 45 years in the industry!
    All the best

  • #2

    John Mc Donagh (Tuesday, 07 July 2015 10:07)

    Dear Des,
    My apologies for missing a year. Did not by all means want to suggest that you were a short termer. How time flies!
    Brgds John