U.S. Airports Lack Cooling Capacity for Perishables: Cargolux Executive

The still expanding air transport of perishables is not only facing hurdles in insufficient capacity, proper packaging and handling, customs clearance and a host of other impediments, but also inadequate ground facilities to store in and outbound shipments.

Pier Curci
Pier Curci

Speaking at the recent conference in Miami, organised by the Cool Chain Association, Pier Curci, vice president Americas for Luxembourg-based all-cargo carrier Cargolux, labeled U.S. airports as "lacking behind in proper facilities for perishables."
Responding to questions after his presentation, Curci said U.S. airports lacked sufficient capacity in cooling and chiller facilities to accommodate the still increasing loads of perishable and pharmaceuticals that Cargolux is carrying into U.S. airports.
Curci, who afterwards declined to further discuss his observations with CargoForwarder Global, specified in his presentation Chicago, Houston, Seattle and Los Angeles as airports with inadequate perishable facilities.
He stressed, however that his comments were not solely directed at U.S. gateways, as there are a host of airports in other countries where Cargolux faces similar limitations.

Nol van Fenema

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