Western Global Takes Over From Nordic Global

One goes - another comes! This is a regular happening in the airline scene.
Nordic Global Airlines , with its base in Helsinki recently closed up shop and ceased operations as per the end of May. Now, Western Global steps in to fill the gap.

One of Western Global’s MD-11Fs  /  courtesy A. Hernandez
One of Western Global’s MD-11Fs / courtesy A. Hernandez

Finnish registered Nordic Global had its MD-11Fs partly based in Liege for operating cargo services to Africa on behalf of NGA’s Network Airline Management.

WGA is replacing NGA
It did not take long for a replacement to come along in order to ensure that NGA‘s cargo operation to the African continent remained steady.

Western Global Airlines (WGA) is the new carrier which will base three of its MD-11Fs in Liege as of early June.
These aircraft will fill the gap left by Nordic Global and ensure that cargo services sold by Network Airline Management on this lucrative route remain unchanged.

Western Global is an American all-cargo carrier based in Sarasota Bradenton International Airport, Florida.
The carrier started services in August 2014 by providing U.S. domestic and ACMI flights with MD-11F and Boeing 747-400BCF aircraft, of which it is said that they still operate two aircraft.
The MD-11F fleet is listed at being a total of nine aircraft, whereby four, including those to be based in Liege, are in actual service.

Western Global was founded by Jim Neff who was the CEO and founder of Southern Air before he sold the company back in 2007.
The Miami-based airline also offers MD-11F services from there to destinations within South America.
Strangely enough - Mr Neff was also CEO and Chairman of the now defunct Helsinki-based Nordic Global Airlines. NGA operated from there with a fleet of four MD-11Fs which in turn were leased from WGA in Miami.

“The apple does not fall far from the tree,” it seems.

John Mc Donagh

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