Malaysia Airlines’ New ‘Terminator’ Axes 6,000 Jobs

The carrier’s new CEO, Christoph Mueller (a German national) has announced laying off all of the airline’s 20,000 employees in an attempt to give the ailing company a fresh start under a different name. It is expected, that for cost saving reasons, 6,000 people will not be reemployed.

MASKargo operated freighters are expected to disappear soon.
MASKargo operated freighters are expected to disappear soon.

In aviation circles Mr Mueller is dubbed “the terminator” – he received this rather questionable name as result of his tough actions at Irish Aer Lingus during his time as CEO, due to his hands-on approach to get the notoriously money losing airline back on track. At the end of the day it turned out to be a much applauded successful undertaking, as seen in the positive financial figures the airline presented quarterly.   
Mueller’s unconventional methods to cure an ailing company by cutting off costly habits and not shrinking back from internal conflicts the manager seems to also have chosen as his (and his management team’s) guideline for steering ailing Malaysian Airlines through heavy waters.

Phoenix from the ashes
Mueller’s obvious plan is to terminate the existence of Malaysian Airlines as it is known today and build a new carrier of its former self.
In the eyes of the employees this extremely painful process allows him and his executives to start from scratch by forming a new national carrier, free from debt and the negative reputation caused by the loss of two passenger aircraft in the recent past.
In March flight MH370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing without a trace by presumably crashing into the Indian Ocean.
In July flight MH17 was ripped apart when crossing the eastern parts of the Ukraine, allegedly hit by a BUK rocket fired by Russia-supported local separatists.
537 passengers and crew members lost their lives.
The new name of the future carrier has not been made public, yet. Supposedly MP’s upcoming successor will mainly serve regional routes. If air freight carriage will play a major role remains to be seen.
Only weeks ago Malaysian Airlines’ executives had indicated that they intended to cease all freighter flights.

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