TEDSBox to Challenge Envirotainer

Anchorage, Alaska-based Technologies Inc has developed a new lightweight cool chain container to transport temperature sensitive commodities, including perishables and pharmaceutical products.

TEDSBox is forklift able from two sides and interfaces with standard pallet  /  company courtesy
TEDSBox is forklift able from two sides and interfaces with standard pallet / company courtesy

The company claims that its in-house developed TEDSBox (Tracking, Environmental, Deviation Systems) will be a direct competitor to the Envirotainer, which in the past few years has become the mainstay for the specialised global transport of perishable and pharmaceutical market.
The TEDSBox is currently undergoing final operational tests in the U.S., before the official market launch in September.

Technologies Inc is an affiliate of FAA-approved Harman's Repair Station, which has its base at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and provides air cargo container and net repair services for military and commercial air cargo carriers.

The TEDSBox has a built-in battery and temperature control system that will automatically maintain temperature ranges for perishable goods between -1.7°C to +31.7°C using a proprietary condenser and evaporator system. Supplemented with dry ice or gel packs the temperature can be held down to -21°C.

Many shipments are spoiled due to mistreatment
Temperature monitoring and recording provides a documented history for insurance and a chain of custody issues, while RFID technology can be applied for remote tracking. The initial TEDSBox is built to the common LD-3 specifications. Currently, Technologies Inc is in the process of setting up an international leasing network, which will be available for infrequent users and airlines.

Even in Alaska’s rather cool environment produce like salmons or fresh cut flowers occasionally face significant quality problems that arise from multiple handlings and cargo stored on the open tarmac between two flights. The result is that a significant number of shipments are ruined, unfit for consumption.

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