TIACA Highlights “Advance Data” at Miami Summit

The TIACA Executive Summit starts tomorrow (19 May) in Miami and ends on 21 May.
The program for these three days is full of interesting projects; one of those to be highlighted will be the phased approach for Advance Data Regulations.
CargoForwarder Global will be reporting from Miami on the conference.

Sanjiv Edward  /  all photos courtesy TIACA
Sanjiv Edward / all photos courtesy TIACA

The TIACA management is convinced that the so called pre-loading advanced cargo information (PLACI) which was introduced in 2010 by the EU, U.S. and Canada after the Yemen incident has proven that by using Advance Data for civil aviation risk assessment provides another important layer of security.

The Advance Data issue is one of the main panel discussions on the last day of the summit.
The issue at hand is that TIACA expects that regulators have to continue working closely with all members within the air cargo supply chain in order that security is really enhanced without putting cargo flows at risk.
That means that regulators must make sure that all parties concerned, including airlines, regulated agents and postal operators, which are all an important part of the supply chain, are able to submit data.

The so called “7+1” data currently set, although still in a start-up phase, is in TIACA’s view sufficient for the civil aviation risk assessment and can be slotted quiet early into the supply chain.

It will be interesting to see the reactions on this particular topic.

New TIACA Board Chiefs
There has been speculation for some while as to who will take over on the TIACA Board from Oliver Evans and Enno Osinga.
The decision has been to appoint an Indian-Dutch duo who will take over as of 21. May.
Sanjiv Edward and Sebastiaan Scholte are the new chiefs.
Both are long serving members of the air cargo community, although originating from two different business environments.
Sanjiv Edward is Head of Cargo Business at Delhi Airport and will take up the position of Chairman of TIACA.
Sebastiaan Scholte who is CEO of Dutch based Jan de Rijk Logistics was named as Vice Chairman.
Both gentlemen have held various positions in the aviation industry for the past 18 years.

Sebastiaan Scholte
Sebastiaan Scholte

The Board of Trustees are putting their trust in Sanjiv and Sebastiaan and both will have many obstacles and challenges ahead in their two year term at the top.
We wish them lots of good luck.

Jim Jackson in the TIACA Hall of Fame
The TIACA Hall of Fame has a new member.
James “Jim” Jackson who was one of the top driving forces for the standardization of Aircraft Unit Load Devices (ULD) as well as a supporter of aircraft and ground handling technical requirements, was welcomed into the “Hall” in April of this year.
TIACA recognizes Jim’s very significant achievements in the above mentioned sectors and is proud to have him “grace the walls.”
Jim Jackson spent a total of 40 years with American Airlines holding management positions in line cargo operations as well as aircraft and cargo equipment development.
He is also one of the founding members of TIACA which emerged from SAE’s Air Cargo Forum Committee in 1990.
His official inauguration into the Hall of Fame will take place at the TIACA gala dinner in Miami on the 20th of May.

Congratulations Jim, the industry needs more of your kind in the future!

Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson

Cologne Airport to host next TIACA development workshop
The next TIACA Air Cargo Professional Development Workshop will be held from 22nd to 24th of June in Cologne, Germany and will be hosted by the airport.

The workshops which have so far already been held in various cities in Europe and more recently in Johannesburg and which are designed by Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI) have according to information from TIACA been of great help for the industry’s young and upcoming professionals.
Topics on the agenda will be market and competitive analysis, brand management, revenue management, analyzing of financial statements and business ethics.

Further workshops are in the planning and interested individuals and companies can sign up through TIACA.

John Mc Donagh

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