Protecting our Integrity

CargoForwarder Global is proud of its product and what it regards as a neutral method of reporting. Comments to published articles are welcome, including critical ones. But insults and tendentious insinuations we firmly reject.

We published an article in our May 5 Breaking News on the new Cargolux product, the continuing strife between pilots and management and the airline’s decision not to carry lithium-ion batteries anymore.

We have (regretfully) received various anonymous remarks from certain individuals, which we at the moment can only assume come from flight deck staff at CV, with regards to the information we had received and published on the so called Cargolux Italia strife between pilots, unions and the carrier’s management.
In this report we mentioned that we were informed (not by CV management) that disaccord continued between “a small group” of CV pilots and their management.
Comments received (some are available on the comments box of the article) strongly indicate that it is 95% of CV’s pilots who are up against their management.
If this were to be the case, then we would gladly stand corrected.

However, we refuse to print some of the comments, although we are always open for (professional) criticism on what we publish.
To put it mildly, some of these remarks, which we can only assume were put together by a  pre-agreed group, were very insulting and even posed the question as “to whom is paying us”  for criticizing what they see as certain pilots and / or others being responsible for not coming to terms with CV’s management.

For the record, and especially for those anonymous individuals:

  1. CargoForwarder Global is not and has never been a spokesman for any airline or other trade management.
  2. We have reported extensively on Cargolux developments, positive and critical, during the past months and have not shied away from our journalistic criticism of certain management decisions or individuals.
  3. To suggest that this publication receives payment for what they printed, is more than insulting and we welcome the fact that those who suggested that, terminate their subscriptions forthwith.
  4. We will publish anonymous remarks to our articles as we have done in the past, but certainly not defamatory or insulting remarks from those who prefer to hide behind an anonymous “shit-storm.”
  5. We certainly welcome criticism / requests for putting the record straight in any of our articles, where we may have inadvertently misquoted or not got the facts correct. However, in a civil tone.

We can only suggest the gentlemen concerned re-read the paragraph which refers to the Cargolux Italia issue.
Here, we feel we have strongly suggested that “all parties” within the airline get their heads together to get this problem off the table and keep this proud carrier up front.

“Nothing paid for there!”

The CargoForwarder Global Team

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