Larry Coyne Honoured

It is seldom that the owner of an airline which does not own any of the aircraft it operates, is honoured with a coveted “Lifetime Achievement Award.”
This happened however last week at the Cargo Airline of the Year Awards Ceremony in London.

Larry Coyne
Larry Coyne

Larry Coyne, founder and still CEO of Coyne Airways which started back in 1993 was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual event, from Jon Conway, Senior V.P. of DNATA Operations.

It looks like Larry was himself very surprised at receiving this trophy.
Upon receiving the award he stated that “I could not have known when I set up Coyne Airways from a spare room at home that we would grow to be in the top 100 cargo carriers serving thousands of customers around the globe.”

He added – “not bad for an airline that does not actually own any aircraft.”
“I am immensely proud of Coyne Airways and grateful to all of our wonderful staff, past and present, without whom it wouldn‘t be the company it is today,” he said.

Larry, who is one of the industry’s most outspoken and active members was formerly Chairman of the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

Coyne Airways is well known for its operations to difficult destinations, especially those within Afghanistan, Iraq, the Caspian area and most recently Africa.
The company headquarters are in London along with a separate operational base in Dubai from where its fleet of Boeing, Ilyushin and Antonov aircraft operate.

John Mc Donagh

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