Michael Schaecher and CEVA

The unexpected and sudden departure of Michael Schaecher as COO and global head of air and ocean freight at CEVA, has set many tongues wagging.

Michael Schaecher
Michael Schaecher

Michael, who was for many years a leading figure in DHL as their EVP for Global Forwarding and who had spent much effort and time in bringing that company to the top, surprisingly left them to head Air Cargo Germany.
He put a lot of hard work into trying to save what many had seen as a doomed airline.
It was by no means his fault that ACG went down the drain.

Then, along came CEVA who wanted to use his experience and success to promote and further develop their own business.
Michael Schaecher had completed almost one year there when the news hit the market that he was bowing out by the end of this month.
Can it be because of the company results.
On the one side  one hears in the market is that CEVA, especially during the past twelve months has under his leadership has been consolidating itself.
However, there is still talk about the company having high debts and not enough revenue growth.

So where did it go wrong?
Admittedly, Michael is known for being forthright and giving his opinion in no uncertain terms.
Was there then such a strong difference of opinion between him and those above him that lead to him throwing in the towel?
His predecessor at CEVA did not have much luck either and was only on seat for a couple of years.

The fact that the company refuses to comment on Michael‘s departure maybe signals that the differences between his ideas to move forward and those of the Board are too far apart.

A pity, as if he‘s been able to stick in there another couple of years, then who knows how CEVA‘s results would turn out.

We are convinced that Michael Schaecher won‘t be standing around idle for long.

John Mc Donagh

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