Frankfurt Upgrades Truck Handling Systems

Frankfurt airport is well known as being a leading air cargo handling centre within Europe.
The cargo handling is divided between the north area, which is mainly used by Lufthansa Cargo and associate airlines and the so called Cargo City South which was erected many years ago with the aim of taking pressure off the north and giving Frankfurt the opportunity of expanding its air cargo business.

New truck stop at Frankfurt’s CargoCity South  /  courtesy Fraport
New truck stop at Frankfurt’s CargoCity South / courtesy Fraport

All of the above became fact and Frankfurt is seen to be the European leader in cargo handling.
What the architects at that time did not take into account was the fact that the cargo would mainly be delivered and picked up by trucks.
This traffic movement has expanded tremendously during the past years.
The result of which is that 40 foot trailers have become a thorn in the eye for the traffic managers in the cargo areas.
During the past two years operator Fraport was bombarded with complaints from the trucking community and freight agents because of long waiting times for load and offload at many of the handling warehouses.
On top of this, Fraport was faced with blocked access roads to Cargo City South.

Now it seems that there have been significant improvements brought into place.
This after continued pressure by the German Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association.
A total of seventy new parking spaces for trucks have been created along with shower and sanitary facilities for drivers.
Fraport have wisely erected the new facility behind Cargo City’s gate 31, one of the two main entrances to the cargo area.
Hopefully now the days of drivers looking for parking within the cargo area will be over.
Seventy spaces may not seem that much considering how much truck traffic passes through the area each day.
It’s a good start and will surely start to ease the pressure on drivers who have to wait for customs clearance or the green light to load and offload.

Time will tell as to whether Fraport will need to expand this area or find an alternative piece of land to add another truck holding position.

Joachim von Winning
Joachim von Winning

Air Cargo Community Frankfurt gets a new leader
Roland Weil of Fraport who has headed the Air Cargo Community set up which was formed almost ten months ago is stepping down as of 15. April.
Roland’s position will be taken up by another Fraport manager, namely, Joachim von Winning.
The ACC was formed last year with the aim of being able to pinpoint and tackle problems and needs of the airport’s cargo community.
In the past many users of the cargo areas had complained that the airport had not being listening enough to their problems.
This has changed considerably since Roland Weil took up the reins as ACC’s leader in 2014.
Mr Weil took up the position in ACC alongside his normal duties as Sales Manager Cargo for Fraport. He has put quite some issues in place and now hands over to Mr von Winning.
He in turn is presently employed by Fraport in the Sales and Property Rental Management and also leads the Cargo Development Project at the airport.

Animation of Frankfurt’s T3  /  courtesy Fraport
Animation of Frankfurt’s T3 / courtesy Fraport

Frankfurt’s Terminal 3 gets green light
It seems that despite protests from various sides, that Frankfurt’s Terminal 3 project is going ahead.
The airport’s Advisory Board of Directors has given the green light for the terminal building.
The building process is expected to start as early as this summer.
In the past years there has been much discussion as to whether Frankfurt actually needs another terminal.
The same discussion took place when plans were on hand to extend Terminal 1A’s passenger handling area.
This was completed sometime back and one only has to walk through there during the day to see that it is almost reaching its full capacity.
The third terminal will take some pressure off the north side of the airport and it is the airport managements aim to keep Frankfurt on the map as a leading European airport.

It now only needs the night ban to be lifted in order to get back to normal business.

“Wishfull thinking, however!”

John Mc Donagh

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