CAL Cargo Airlines Joins up in CEIV

The Pharmaceutical Logistics Certification Program, Centre of Excellence for Independent Pharma Validators (CEIV) seems to be catching on with other airlines.
The latest airline to start with the certification process is CAL Cargo Airlines at Belgium’s Liege Airport.

The Israeli all freighter carrier announced last week that they have joined IATA’s CEIV program. Once completed, CAL claims to then be the first group who will have certified themselves for the pharmaceutical program at Liege.

CEIV will strengthen CAL’s position
The process will take three months, starting in April and with an expected certification by July of this year.
CAL is working closely with Liege Airport authorities to complete the process within the timeframe laid out.

Eyal Zagagi, CEO of CAL Cargo states, “completion of the program will strengthen CAL’s position as a leader in the frontline of carriers providing services to the pharma sector.”
He goes on to say that, “we have over 40 years of experience handling temperature controlled freight and 35% of our cargo business is temperature controlled.”

Making air freight the mode of choice for pharma transports, IATA
Ronald Schaefer, project leader at IATA for the CEIV Pharma Program is excited about CAL’s commitment and states further that “with the CEIV Pharma program, IATA aims to work closely with industry and regulators to raise the bar and make air freight the mode of choice for the transportation of pharmaceutical products.”
“This will help companies demonstrate the quality of their services and capture new business,” Ronald says.

It seems that the aviation sector is taking the possible heavy competition factor offered by the sea freight carriers seriously with regards to optimizing temperature controlled transports worldwide.
The fight is on as to who can and will convince the shippers as to which is the most viable and effective mode of transport for this very lucrative commodity.

John Mc Donagh

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