Cargolux Union Wants Written Assurances 

One of the Luxembourg trade unions, the LCGB, is insisting that the Cargolux management give them a written assurance that there will be no outsourcing of the Luxembourg operations in the future.

Stop relocating (CV freighters to Italy) demand LCGB unionists  /  source LCGB
Stop relocating (CV freighters to Italy) demand LCGB unionists / source LCGB

´This was reported by Luxemburger Wort yesterday.
It seems that if the LCGB do not get written confirmation, then the ongoing negotiations for a new collective work agreement will be in danger of falling apart.

The “collective agreement” negotiations have been going on for some time now without any real sign of both sides coming nearer.
The recent reports on the upcoming joint venture in China with HNCA and the rumours that more aircraft and crews were to be positioned into Italy, have seemingly led to more discomfort and uncertainty within the labour force and the unions representing them.

Spanner in the works
It is also reported that negotiations had continued up until the end of last week whereby all concerned had apparently agreed to set up various new working groups with the aim of speeding up the process.
The LCGB however has put a “spanner in the works” by stating that they would suggest delegates for the working groups only after the carrier pledged in writing that it will not outsource any of its activities.

Back to square one?
The main problem for the unions, or at least the LCGB, is the Cargolux Italia operation.
This has been an issue for some time and although the CV management had recently indicated that they may well only transfer two instead of three Boeing 747Fs to this subsidiary.
LCGB spokesman Aloyse Kapweiler is quoted as saying that “we continue to be against any expansion of the subsidiary in Italy.”
The union added however that they would agree to the temporary transfer of one aircraft to Milan, but the aircraft would have to return to the Luxembourg register after signing of a new collective working agreement.

The number of pilot working days is still an issue for the union.
Cargolux would like to increase from the present 186 days per annum up to 200 days.
This is being categorically refused by the LCGB who note that Cargolux Italia pilots already have 236 duty days.

Will we ever see a new collective agreement this year?

Food for thought!
Are the top management and the unions missing the most important point in this continuing drama?
Maybe it would be wise for both parties to take a small step back and look at what is good for Cargolux in the long run.
In the meantime Alitalia with a lot of support from Etihad is getting its freight act together. There is no lack of freighters available for them in the future.
Alongside that, Silkway Italia has been created with the stationing of their own aircraft in Milan.
And - are there more to come?


John Mc Donagh

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