TNT Adds Tel Aviv to its Network

The integrator commenced line-haul flights between its Liege hub and Tel Aviv. The service is operated with a Boeing 737-400F five times a week.

Martin Sodergard /  company courtesy
Martin Sodergard / company courtesy

Due to increased demand the flights which start this month are operated from Mondays to Fridays.  According to TNT the service brings several advantages to customers: fixed departure times, guaranteed uplift, later pick-up times in Israel and a smooth connection to TNT’s international road and air networks via Liege. It also allows TNT to shorten transit times for express shipments to and from Tel Aviv by one day.
The flight from Liege arrives in Tel Aviv in the morning for same day deliveries and departs in the evening, allowing for close of business pick-up and same day export.

Martin Sodergard, Managing Director Network Operations, TNT, said: "With this flight operated by TNT, our customers will benefit from improved delivery reliability, as well as later cut-off times for pick-ups thanks to improved departure times. It also gives us additional capacity to further grow our business in and out of Israel.”

The EU is the first trading partner for Israel with total trade amounting to approximately €29 billion in 2013. Typical TNT shipments to and from the country include machinery, electronic products, medical equipment and textiles.

Under the company’s ‘Outlook’ strategy, TNT is working to combine its extensive European road network with a stronger international air network. In recent months, TNT has upgraded its road express services to Turkey and the Balkan countries, and added Hanover and Venice to the European air network.

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