“TRACK & TRACE” is Added to FCS Services

Fraport Cargo Services (FCS), Frankfurt’s largest cargo handling entity, has added a new “Track & Trace system” to its range of Electronic Services for their air freight clients.

Fraport’s new Track & Trace system “is customer friendly, transparent and efficient,” holds Andreas Helfer  /  source: Fraport
Fraport’s new Track & Trace system “is customer friendly, transparent and efficient,” holds Andreas Helfer / source: Fraport

The system was introduced already at the beginning of this year but has only just now been made public by FCS. The new Track & Trace is presently available to selected FCS airline customers and will be extended to others as well as forwarding agents in the near future in order that they can check the consignment status of their dispatched import shipments.
This can be accomplished fully online via http://www.fraport-cargo.aero/en/:

Fraport Cargo Services maintains that the system is simple to use.
Forms are downloaded from FCS’s website. Air waybill prefix and identifier are entered onto the form, sent off - and that’s it!
FCS claims that response time to the clients request is very short.
The customer receives information as to whether the consignment has already been checked in, if it’s ready for collection, or whether it has already been delivered to the consignee.
The new track and trace set-up allows the clients to receive so called “receive status updates.” This function according to FCS management allows all updates on the progress of each individual consignment to be forwarded to a pre-arranged or specific e-mail address.
Multiple AWB tracking is also possible whereby clients can follow the status of various shipments at the same time.

How long will it take to be online for all?
If the system were to eventually be available to all import clients then maybe this could help somewhat in reducing traffic congestion at the FCS warehouse cargo doors.
If clients can be in a position to guage the approximate time of “door delivery,” then maybe they’ll not have to have their trucks standing idly around at the warehouse in the hope that import shipments are ready.
Whether the above has been taken into account by the FCS team - who knows!

Andreas Helfer, managing director of FCS says: “With electronic services such as the new track& trace system, we provide professional online customer service that not only saves time but is also environmentally friendly, transparent and efficient.”

The enhancement of electronic services has taken somewhat of a priority within FCS during the past couple of years.
E-billing was introduced in 2013 and a simplified online “complaints process” has also been added.

John Mc Donagh

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