BFS, WIN Join Forces to Promote e-AWB in Thailand

Bangkok Flight Services (BFS), the largest handler at Thailand’s main cargo airport Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and WIN, an e-platform for independent forwarders, have joined forces to promote the transmission of electronic AWB data in the country.

John DeBenedette
John DeBenedette

Using the new automated process developed by WIN, the forwarder loads a draft AWB into WIN and sends the cargo. BFS transmits an e-Weight Slip to WIN seconds after weighing.

The forwarder is alerted that their draft AWB has been updated (in WIN and their own system) with actual pcs, wgt and dims for them to quickly review and then send the electronic AWB data to the airline who in turn copies the handler. All this takes a few minutes electronically so that the final AWB data is loaded into both the airline and the handler’s systems in short order.

Efficiency improvements
Excel, one of the leading agents in Thailand, has used WIN for several hundred British Airways shipments over the past 8 weeks and is pleased with the efficiency gain. Aswin Pansiri, executive director, Excel Transport International said: “We will definitely implement this system with other airlines and hope to streamline the entire operational process in the near time.”

David Ambridge
David Ambridge

Easy access to e-AWB
WIN's managing director, John DeBenedette said: “WIN’s electronic AWB services are in daily use in almost 20 countries already. However, as we are based in Thailand, we were concerned about the slow uptake here. Partnering with BFS and key forwarders to overcome local barriers fits right into our strategy to make e-AWB easy, especially for independent forwarders.”

General Manager of BFS, David Ambridge, commented: “The partnership between BFS and WIN will allow all WCA members in Thailand easy and cheap access to E-AWB and the associated cost savings that this brings. With airlines charging EDI fees this really is a “no brainer” in my opinion. BFS Cargo has been 100% committed to e-AWB and we will continue to explore every avenue possible to support and promote this in 2015. E- Weight slip will be available to every BFS customer in 2015 and we will eliminate the paper weight slip completely this year.”

Nol van Fenema

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