ATS Supports Refugees in Neu Isenburg

Neu-Isenburg, a medium sized town situated quite near Frankfurt-Main International airport, is also the headquarters of Aviation-Training-Solutions (ATS).
ATS which specializes in the training of airport cargo handling staff as well as finding positions for them in airline and air cargo handling entities, last week donated €3,000.00 to the town’s refugee fund.

Yvonne Nuechter of ATS (standing right) hands over the cheque to Neu-Iseburg’s mayor Hubert Hunkel and Paola Fabbri Lipsch /  Source
Yvonne Nuechter of ATS (standing right) hands over the cheque to Neu-Iseburg’s mayor Hubert Hunkel and Paola Fabbri Lipsch / Source

It is well known to all of us that the flow of refugees into Europe from the war torn areas in the Middle East is permanently increasing.
Those lucky enough to have made it to a safe haven have all gone through terrifying and harrowing weeks and months before they get here.
Neu-Isenburg, although being a small town has set up facilities which can receive and help these refugees. Presently there are 116 who have been settled here and this number is expected to double during 2015.

ATS in close cooperation with Herbert Hunkel, mayor of Neu-Isenburg and Paola Fabbri Lipsch who is responsible for the integration of the refugees in the town have come up with another idea of how to better integrate those whose future hangs in the balance.
Yvonne Nuechter, ATS Managing Director stated that the donation of €3,000.00 is a small token of their solidarity towards the refugees and will only be of help in the short term.
ATS, she says, plans to help these people to become more independent by supporting them with free language courses and where possible with training courses in the many aspects of cargo handling.
In this respect, she and her team are working closely with Paola Fabbri Lipsch, who is responsible for helping refugees back into a normal way of living in Neu-Isenburg.

Mrs Nuechter is convinced that with the necessary command of the German language and with an ATS training programme behind them, that many of those without much hope at the present, will be able to gain employment at the airport and thus integrate themselves faster into the  community.
This can be possible due to the new regulations introduced in Germany which make it easier for refugees to gain work.

An action which ATS can be proud of and one which hopefully others may soon follow in one way or another.

John Mc Donagh

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