LACHS Goes Wireless

A new WIFI network has been rolled out by Liege Air Cargo Handling Services, known in short as LACHS.
This wireless solution is said to provide real time location and temperature data throughout the company warehouse at Liege airport.

Ground handlers will have to revamp their warehouses in order to update monitoring and location systems  /  source: Envirotainer
Ground handlers will have to revamp their warehouses in order to update monitoring and location systems / source: Envirotainer

This system has been developed in cooperation with Antaris Solutions and is aptly named „SmartView Monitoring.“
The company claims that this is a new innovtive concept which enables both LACHS and its clients to collect and access information about temperature controlled shipments and storage facilties. Real time information is fed to the customers through a so called proactive GPS/GPRS technology which can pinpoint the location and condition of highly sensitive shipments.
This new system has been introduced by the handler, which is part of the Liege-based CAL Group, in order to be able to put more emphasis on the temperature controlled pharmaceutical supply chain.

More airports join on the pharmaceutical bandwagon
It seems that Liege has now also seen the future financial benefits of concentrating more on the storage and transport of pharmaceuticals through its warehouse.
This lucrative business does not come for nothing.
Airports which want to and need to capiltalise on these products must be prepared to invest high sums of money in suitable storage facilities and as is in the case of LACHS and others, up-to-date monitoring and location systems.

Doubling of activities
Yossi Shoukroun, M.D at LACHS states that “we are thrilled to work in close cooperation with Antaris Solutions, one of the leading temperature controlled supply chain management solution providers in the industry.”
Yossi goes on to explain that LACHS has doubled their temperature controlled activities in 2014 due to their strong partnership with Envirotainer whereby his company is able to utilize Envirotainer’s advanced container technology as well as their passive solutions.

Eelco de Jong, M.D. at Antaris Solutions is very happy with the tie-up with LACHS and explains that in accordance with industry requirements, a thermal mapping study was first conducted in the LACHS 16,000 sq. foot facility in order to ensure an accurate distribution of the temperature in the building before installation.

Gone are the days of simple warehousing!
Handlers worldwide are rethinking their warehouse layouts when designing new ones or revamping present facilities, in order to be in a position to install future technology, be it for pharmaceutical or other sensitive products.
An investment which will pay off in the long run in most cases.

John Mc Donagh

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