LH Technik Lets Falcons Fly First

LH Technik has presented a design study for accommodating falcons in passenger cabins of aircraft. Once in operation, the foldable platforms enable the birds of prey the safe resting during the flight.

Image of Lufthansa Technik’s ‘Falcon Master‘  /  source: LHT
Image of Lufthansa Technik’s ‘Falcon Master‘ / source: LHT

Lufthansa Technik has come up with many remarkable innovations in the company’s history to make flying safer and more convenient. Predominantly, though, for the better comfort of passengers, crews and even cargo shipments, particularly live animals. Their latest idea, however, is something very special: a “Falcon Master.”
Once built and marketed, it will allow falcon owners to have their beloved and expensive birds resting right next to them when flying on board a commercial aircraft from A to B. Explains the Hamburg-headquartered provider of technical services in aviation: “The ‘Falcon Master’ enables falcon owners to transport their falcons or other birds in the aircraft sitting on a dedicated bird stand connected to standard seat tracks.”

Special product for selected clientele
This particular and unique service will presumably be mostly requested by passengers from the Middle East, since falconing is a highly popular activity in many Arabian countries. It is for this kind of very special clientele that the product was invented and will be offered to this select clientele. It was designed in close cooperation with specialists and in due consideration of hygienic aspects as well as practical requirements like cleanness or certification requirements.

One-size-fits-all solution
The kit is easy to install, says Lufthansa Technik, and can be fixed above folded seats on standard seat tracks in various aircraft types. According to technical data, the legs of the "Falcon Master" are adjustable in height, width and depth to be installable above different seats in all Airbus, Boeing and many other aircraft types. The platform can be quickly disassembled in three parts and stowed in small lightweight containers which can be transported like a trolley.

Not causing any hygiene problems, asserts LHT
Lufthansa Technik adds to this – mainly to reassure other passengers preoccupied by their comfort - that its future "Falcon Master" kit will maximize sanitary protection of walls, seats and carpets against dirt produced by the birds. The top of the "Falcon Master" has a stainless steel surface for easy cleaning. A cage or a transparent cover could be added, as well as other accessories like cleaning material or a bird feeder, recommends the firm.

The price remains open
It is not known if services like catering or in-flight entertainment programs are included in LH Technik’s innovative offering. Also open questions are if falcons are allowed to earn miles or if they are permitted lounge access at airports while transiting between flights.
How much the standard or premium version of their “Falcon Master” costs is another issue that still needs to be answered. It might be interesting to see how future passengers might react to having a smelly bird sitting next to them instead of George Clooney, Claudia Schiffer or Jennifer Lopez.
We will keep you informed.

Heiner Siegmund

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