Cargolux Sets Firm Sights on Zhengzhou Sector

Five months after staring services between Luxembourg (LUX) and Zhengzhou (CGO), Cargolux announces that 10,000 tons have been carried.
That’s more than 90 B747F flights. Remarkable for a sector which from day one had come under considerable political pressure and was by some doubted as to whether it would work.

Chairman of the Board Paul Helminger (left) and CEO Dirk Reich are convinced that Cargolux’s pact with Chinese investor HNCA is bearing fruit / source pictures: CV, hs

The 10,000th ton operation took place on board the latest B747-8F, aptly named “City of Zhengzhou,” on 22. November.
On board were also CV’s two top men, Paul Helminger and Dirk Reich, who were ceremoniously greeted by a delegation from the Chinese Henan Province on arrival.

Dirk Reich, Cargolux CEO stated that: “This flight is a milestone for Cargolux and our shareholder HNCA.” He further said: “We are proud to have reached the 10,000 ton mark in such a short period of time and are happy that the cooperation with our Chinese partners has paid off.”

Daily flights in the future?
Flights to Zhengzhou which began in June of this year and which were partly delayed due to traffic rights issues, have now moved up to four frequencies per week both ways.
A fifth weekly frequency was added as of November 25th and there are firm plans to increase this to daily operations in the very near future.
Internally at Cargolux, there is now even talk of operating “multiple daily flights” to and from the Henan state airport.
This is part of Cargolux’s so called “Double Hub Strategy” using Luxembourg and Zhengzhou as the carrier’s two main gateways.

It seems that the long planned LUX/CGO strategy is paying off for the Luxembourg carrier and that past problems and misgivings in some quarters have been put aside.
Zhengzhou Xinzheng International is seen as being the fastest growing cargo airport worldwide and where with the support of HNCA, a new Free Trade Zone is also in the planning.
A good move for Cargolux then to be first in line there.

New collective work agreement is hotly debated
Meanwhile, the negotiations between CV’s management and the carrier’s works council members on a new collective labor agreement covering pay and general terms and conditions of employment continue. The current treaty terminates 31 December this year. Despite some controversial standpoints in matters relating to critical remuneration issues and working conditions it is expected that the parties are to reach an accord which satisfies both sides prior to the expiration date of the current contract.

John Mc Donagh / Heiner Siegmund

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