HAITEC Doubles at Hahn Airport

The MRO provider intends investing 30 million euros in a new hangar at HHN to accommodate even the largest aircraft, including the mammoth Airbus A380. In addition to passenger airlines it remains a cornerstone in HAITEC’s biz strategy to offer technical services to cargo airlines. HAITEC’s decision also helps to further increase the attractiveness of Hahn airport.
CargoForwarder Global questioned HAITEC’s CEO, Michael Bock on their plans for the future.

Today, HAITEC runs an 8,000sqm comprising hangar at Hahn Airport  /  source: HAITEC
Today, HAITEC runs an 8,000sqm comprising hangar at Hahn Airport / source: HAITEC

Q: We have been told that your intention is to enlarge your facility at Hahn airport. What exactly is planned?

A: At HAITEC we are significantly increasing our aircraft maintenance capacities by adding a second hangar adjacent to our existing hangar.  The layout of the new hangar, which will have approximately 12,000sqm, including shops, a warehouse and office space will provide for an optimum flow of work between our existing and new facilities. 
As a leading provider of maintenance services for passenger and cargo aircraft in Germany, we strive for the highest efficiency and provide excellent value for money.  Airlines from all over the world rely on our services, which fully comply with all safety standards. We see this investment - ready for operation in the spring of 2016 - as an important and necessary step for the long-term future of HAITEC within a highly competitive Global MRO market.

Q: You indicate that even the largest aircraft can be accommodated in HAITEC’s new hangar. Do you really expect to gain an Airbus A380 operator as customer?

A: The new hangar is a long-term investment for the next 30-40 years. HAITEC will be ideally equipped to offer services to airlines operating all narrow and wide-body aircraft types, including the Airbus A380, which will continue to be of paramount importance for MROs today and for the distant future.
Our facility, situated in the heart of Europe at Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN), offers a broad range of cost-based advantages that will continue to attract new clients. Some of our key advantages are:

  • No night flight ban
  • Low airport charges
  • Low downtime costs
  • Fast customs clearance
  • Fast and very flexible airport services
  • Logistic facilities
Michael Bock
Michael Bock

The above advantages, which HAITEC offers, will appeal to many airlines and we are confident that potential Airbus A380 customers will grasp this.

Q: After a few weak years, the number of cargo airlines serving Hahn is increasing again. How many freight carriers do you currently provide technical MRO services to? Further it would be interesting to know if you expect this specific business segment to increase once the new facility is operational.

A: Our diverse customer portfolio currently includes up to 20 cargo carriers with whom we have various types of contracts with. Of course, we also provide ad-hoc AOG services to cargo carriers without such contracts.
We have no doubt that our increased operational capability will significantly increase the global reach of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport as a leading freight airport.

Q: How much do you have to invest to finance the intended expansion and how many additional jobs will be created through your HAITEC II at Hahn airport?

A: At the beginning of 2014, HAITEC opted for a 30 million euro investment package to be spread over the next three years.

The amount includes the purchase of the existing hangar and surrounding property, finalized this autumn, alongside with the construction of the new hangar.
Initially, HAITEC expects to create 160 additional jobs at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, increasing to 250 in the long term.

This investment package also supports the establishment of HAITEC VIP Maintenance, located at Erfurt-Weimar Airport.  Expanding to Erfurt is a logical step in HAITEC’s strategic development as it is a dedicated VIP Facility complementing our existing commercial offer for narrow and wide-body Airbus and Boeing aircraft in Frankfurt-Hahn.

Q: When do you intend to turn the first spade in the groundbreaking?

A: At this juncture, the groundbreaking ceremony is planned to take place in the spring of 2015.
Michael, thank your for this interview.

Heiner Siegmund

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