IAG Cargo Launches EuroConnector Service

IAG Cargo has come up with another novel idea of how to attract additional small shipments business on their European passenger fleet. This one, which follows on the successful implementation during the past months of IAG Cargo’s “Cargo Connector” service in the US and UK, is called “EuroConnector,” which in their words is aimed at being a new IAG Cargo time-definite service which will connect Europe with the rest of the world.

„We keep the tariff structure transparent for our customers,” assures IAG Cargo’s Camilo Garcia  /  IAG courtesy
„We keep the tariff structure transparent for our customers,” assures IAG Cargo’s Camilo Garcia / IAG courtesy

The new service, which is bookable for shipments up to a maximum of 300 kilos, was announced today by IAG Cargo management and CFG had the opportunity to question Camilo Garcia, Head of Global Key Accounts at IAG Cargo on its merits and  the advantages for IAG’s customers.

Simple, Cost Effective & Time Definite
This is the message that Camilo and his team want to bring across to their customers.
“Simple” he says “in that we keep the tariff construction transparent for our clients.”
For example, “within the continental USA we offer three different tariffs into Europe. This is a through tariff from Chicago to Frankfurt, for instance.”
He goes on to say that the cost effectiveness is easy for clients to see in that they get one through rate from origin to destination and guaranteed delivery within 24 or 48 hours at their destination.
The Time Definite factor applies wholly as to whether the client opts for the 24 or 48 hour tariff.
For the 24 hour service, IAG Cargo offers their clients a 50% rebate on the rate if the delivery deadline is not met by them.
He adds that “all shipments booked under the new EuroConnector 24 service will be handled exclusively at IAG Cargo’s Premium Cargo Handling facilities in London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Barcelona and Madrid.”

Space guarentee on inner Europe flights
When questioned on how IAG Cargo can cope with a flood of bookings on inner European flights which are for the large part operated by narrow body passenger aircraft such as the A319 and A320 series, Camilo Garcia states that “whether our clients book in Frankfurt or Chicago, we give them a guaranteed time definite booking which includes the narrow body sectors flown within Europe.”
There are, he says, of course “restrictions on size and volume of shipments under 300 kilos which must be adhered to.” These, he adds, are “clearly visible to our clients when booking.”

Inside, Outside Europe
This new service can be seen as being aimed specifically to companies who have many smaller, time sensitive or high value shipments to and from Europe.
There are three basic EuroConnector elements.

  • Outside Europe to Europe
  • Europe to Outside Europe - and:
  • Intra-Europe Traffic.

All three offer the same benefits, whereby tariff structures vary according to distance and destination.

Steve Gunning, CEO IAG Cargo, is quoted as saying, “EuroConnector offers global businesses a choice of time-definite, cost effective solutions for shipping goods into, around and out of Europe. Innovative services such as EuroConnector will prove hugely important to our continued long-term success; improving capacity utilization and helping us grow market share,” he adds.

IAG Group shows healthy 3rd Quarter figures
The IAG Group published their 3rd Quarter results late last week.
Net profit for quarter ending 30. September showed a plus of €598 million, which was 3.1% above the same period last year. IAG’s operating profit for their third quarter was €818 million which shows an increase of 18%. Revenues were up by 8.5% to €5.9 billion.
The group has attributed the encouraging result largely to an increase in passenger revenues as well as reduction in unit costs, especially at the Spanish subsidiary Iberia.

John Mc Donagh

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