Jettainer Creates a New American Daughter Company

Jettainer, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG and one of the leading companies for ULD handling & maintenance, has decided to expand its presence in North America by creating a new company under the name of Jettainer Americas Inc.

Jettainer’s CEO Carsten Hernig announced introducing an ultra lightweight container weighing only 50 kilograms until next year’s end  /  source: hs
Jettainer’s CEO Carsten Hernig announced introducing an ultra lightweight container weighing only 50 kilograms until next year’s end / source: hs

This decision to set up the company with its headquarters in Delaware comes almost alongside the deal Jettainer made last month with American Airlines to take over the US carrier’s global management and maintenance of containers and pallets.

It seems it does not stop there.
The German company states that they will open various new branches in what they see as central locations within the United States.
The first one is slated to be at Dallas/Fort Worth airport which is American’s home base and in order to be on top of things there.
American Airlines recently took over US Airways, which makes them the largest carrier in the world.
US Airways has already been a customer of Jettainer since 2005 by managing their fleet of ULD’s.
It is further planned to open new offices in New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Quite an investment for Jettainer!
Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH stated that “the American continent is one of the most important growth markets for us. That”s why we are investing in our on-site presence and are aiming to expand our market leadership with highly innovative services.”

Innovation is the name of the game!
More and more carriers have decided to outsource their ULD handling, management and monitoring to a handful of world leaders in this branch of the business.
It’s become a lucrative market segment, but one which is also hard fought for.

Therefore, innovative ideas to convince carriers to hand over their container, pallets and other moveable stock are needed. The ULD manager’s latest project is an ultra lightweight container of 50 kilograms, about ten kilograms less compared to today’s lightweight generation. “This saves weight, reduces fuel burn and hence greenhouse gas emissions,” Hernig emphasized at a media briefing in Berlin last week. The box that is developed by Jettainer engineers in close cooperation with the industry will be introduced to the market presumably at the end of 2015, Hernig announced. 
Jettainer has come up with its own “JettApp” application which is meant to give a far more accurate and faster logging of ULD movements at hubs and their client’s main international locations.
This App, they state, will also be available in the USA.

Processes will be further enhanced
Expanding the worldwide network has convinced Jettainer to introduce what they call a new “Ground Operation Supervisor Concept” in America.
This basically means a central customer interface to be created at each location in order to manage all coordination with the applicable airline’s ground services.
Jettainer claims that this will further streamline processes and speed up clearance on the ground.

Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer is quoted as saying that “as a service provider in the highly competitive aviation market, air aim is to assure airlines of our high level of service in the long term through constant innovation.”

It remains to be seen how the competition may react to this branching out into the U.S. market.
John Mc Donagh / Heiner Siegmund

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