DUS Handles Steam Drum Charter

A large steam drum destined to Kuwait was loaded on board a chartered Ilyushin 76-TD destined to a water processing plant in the Middle East. A challenging task mastered professionally.

Loading of the steam drum into an IL-76TD at DUS Airport  /  source: DUS
Loading of the steam drum into an IL-76TD at DUS Airport / source: DUS

Dusseldorf Airport is well known as a leading airport for belly cargo in Germany, offering the market transport capacity to more than 190 destinations around the world. The landing of freighters remains an exception at North Rhine-Westphalia’s gateway. However, this accounts only for scheduled traffic; in cargo charter traffic DUS is one of the most frequented places in Germany’s airport landscape. No wonder, with the highly industrialized Ruhr area only a stone’s throw away.

Eco-friendly engines enable the IL-76 to operate into the EU
Particularly when managing challenging outsized freight and heavy cargo DUS has become a preferred location. This was demonstrated once again last week when an outsized steam drum weighing 30 tons was loaded on the main deck of a IL-76TD operated by Volga-Dnepr. The aircraft is equipped with the most modern engines, stage 4, which make operations within Europe possible.
Panalpina’s special division “Energy Solutions” was responsible for the entire door-to-door project.
After the shipment had arrived at DUS, the security check was executed by using an EDD (Explosiv Dog Detection). Due to the complex construction of the steam drum no other security measure would have been sufficient.
The loading was carried out by two massive cranes, simultaneously lifting the drum from the flatbed truck while the board winch of the IL-76 was pulling the large piece into the freighter.
The mission was completed successfully, with the aircraft heading to Kuwait immediately after.

UIA services DUS
On another note, DUS Airport Cargo has welcomed another scheduled passenger carrier – Ukraine International Airline. UIA links Ukraine’s capital Kiev with DUS six times a week, deploying Boeing 737s on this route. “Although their lower decks offer limited transport capacity we highly welcome this new service since it extends our reach into Eastern Europe,” according to manager Mr. Schuermann. GSA is Globe Air Cargo, the German subsidiary of French ECS.  

Heiner Siegmund

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