American Airlines Appoints Jettainer to Manage the ULD fleet

The U.S. carrier has chosen Jettainer to manage their fleet of containers and pallets across the domestic and global network. The AA deal cements Jettainer’s role as the world’s leading ULD operator.

AA Cargo’s Jim Butler (left) and Carsten Hernig of Jettainer seal the ULD deal  /  source: JT
AA Cargo’s Jim Butler (left) and Carsten Hernig of Jettainer seal the ULD deal / source: JT

AA, the world’s largest carrier, currently utilizes 15,000-plus Unit Load Devices to transport both cargo and baggage on board its fleet. According to Jettainer’s MD Carsten Herning, American’s existing container unit will be replaced by lightweights provided by his enterprise by March 2015. This replacement will lead to 1.9 million liters in fuel savings and a reduction of more than 5,000 metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions per year. The step adds to other eco-friendly efforts at American to further cut down their overall greenhouse gas emissions.
The contract signed by both parties has a term of five years.
In order to ensure a smooth and efficient operation, Jettainer will set up offices at five major American hubs: DFW, ORD, MIA, NYC, PHL and LAX. “We intend recruiting external personnel, familiar with the ULD biz,” states Jettainer’s Head of Communication, Martin Kraemer.

JetApp application ensures the accurate movement of ULDs
At DFW, American’s largest hub, Jettainer will soon open a new office to support the management of American’s ULDs as well as five other operational bases in the U.S.  In addition to the new support locations, Jettainer specialists have developed the “JettApp” application to log ULD movements. This innovative technology provides an advanced solution to manage and administer container fleets by efficiently logging ULD data quickly and accurately. The container fleet for American’s hubs and their most important international destinations will benefit from this technology.

“ULD management is a key element to achieving high efficiency and customer service in air cargo transportation,” says Jim Butler, President of American Airlines Cargo. “It’s essential we ensure the timely availability of ULDs in the correct locations to safeguard the operational performance of all our cargo products and optimize revenue. By working with Jettainer, we believe we will achieve these goals and significantly improve American’s environmental footprint as well,” the manager states.

Carsten Hernig, Managing Director of Jettainer GmbH, emphasizes: “We’re very proud that the world’s largest airline is now one of our customers. It’s our aim to continue to grow in the Americas and further expand our market leadership by using our innovative solutions.”

Heiner Siegmund

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