Support, Praise, High Acclaim for VG Cargo from their Guests

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport wasn’t really blessed with much growth of cargo tonnage or thriving passenger figures lately. All the more surprising is ground handling agent VG Cargo’s decision to invest €21million into a 15,000 sqm state-of-the-art warehouse, a fact that has been much acknowledged by the attendees of the grand opening ceremony last Friday night.
From the many statements we received we hereby present a selection of voices – split in two parts for better readability.

Part 1

Salvatore Barbaro points out the political support for Hahn Airport
Salvatore Barbaro points out the political support for Hahn Airport

Salvatore Barbaro, Chairman of Frankfurt Hahn’s Supervisory Board:
“VG Cargo is extremely important for the future of this airport. VG and the other two handling agents that are doing business here are decisive contributors to the total product package offered to our many clients. Besides the handling of goods, customs clearance, security checks and so on their service offering includes the organizing of road feeder services and special arrangements for cargo charters as well.

Only if all parties involved coordinate their activities and work hand in hand, despite all the involved competitive factors, this airport can attract much needed additional traffic.
I like to add to my remarks that Hahn Airport is fully backed by Rhineland-Palatinate’s government that is highly interested in Hahn’s success. The many employees are fully aware of this political support.”

Aeroflot remains loyal to Hahn, assures manager Valery Serafimov
Aeroflot remains loyal to Hahn, assures manager Valery Serafimov

Valery Serafimov, Regional Cargo Manager Europe, Aeroflot
“From Aeroflot’s perspective VG Cargo’s step to enlarge their facility deserves much recognition. Despite our pulling out of freighter operations which led to the termination of our former Hahn services we still keep being committed to this site because our European sales office is located at Hahn Airport. Actually we are tenants of VG since we rented office space from them. In fact, it’s not only our sales force that’s based here but we also utilize this warehouse for consolidation purposes. In case there is an overflow of our air freight at overloaded Rhine-Main we truck the consignments that we cannot accommodate in the holds of our Frankfurt passenger flights to Hahn to have them consolidated by VG Cargo. Once this job is done we truck them from here to other airports, predominantly Dusseldorf that’s only a two hour ride by truck away from here to have these goods uplifted by our fleet from this or any other German airport we serve. 

All in all we offer the European cargo market 54 flights to and from Russia and beyond every single day. Our Hahn-based sales team is responsible for managing this business in eight different European countries, among them Germany, France, Austria, Spain or Italy, just to name the most important ones.”

Compiled by Heiner Siegmund

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