Fraport Cargo is Now “Temperature Sensitive”

A brand new storage facility for temperature-sensitive cargo was opened by Fraport Cargo Services (FCS) at the beginning of July.
This special storage area is for shipments needing constant temperatures between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. This applies mainly for cargo of a sensitive medicinal nature.
The Frankfurt cargo handling agent already had a cooling facility in operation whereby shipments can only have been kept between 2-8 degrees.

FCS Cargo Team plays it cool
FCS Cargo Team plays it cool

This new cool unit has been integrated into the existing FCS warehouse and the temperature scale of between 15-25 degrees is monitored continuously whereby necessary changes can either be made on the spot or by remote control.
The facility was designed and built by Jet-Inn Cool-Service, the same company that erected the older storage area.

Diana Schoeneich, Managing Director of FCS has waited some time for this new addition to FCS’s product pallet.
She states, “we have worked out new procedures and processing standards for import and export when dealing with this sensitive cargo so that as little time as possible elapses between the refrigerated truck and the refrigerated warehouse.”

There is a special FCS “handling crew” on site who have been trained in the handling of temperature-controlled projects.

FCS management explained that the procedure works as follows:
shipment data delivered beforehand enables the FCS team to recognize which are temperature controlled shipments, and prepare accordingly.
the specially trained FCS crew take responsibility of giving priority handling and ensure the cargo is moved directly into the cool area.
entire pallets can also be received and stored in the new facility waiting then to be moved directly to the aircraft. This only happens when the corresponding refrigerated truck is on hand for direct transfer.
the same procedure, in an anti-clockwise system is available for temperature sensitive import shipments.

Pharmaceuticals are being transported more and more by air and FCS believe that this new investment will pay off very quickly.

John Mc Donagh

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