WCCA Spreads its Wings

The much publicized World Cargo Airports Alliance, known in short as WCCA has added another member to its club.
The alliance which was founded in April of this year by the top management of Zhengzhou and Frankfurt-Hahn airports now has added Russia‘s Novosibirsk International Airport as one of its members.

Aeroflot is a permanent guest at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo, so are cargo carriers AirBridge Cargo and Cargolux  /  source: OVB
Aeroflot is a permanent guest at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo, so are cargo carriers AirBridge Cargo and Cargolux / source: OVB

Novosibirsk is well known as being an ideal “transit or fueling” stop for cargo carriers from Europe to and from the Far East.
The agreement to bring Novosibirsk into the alliance tends to cement the idea that a new set of round the world cargo flights is in the offing. In 2013, 29,947 tons of cargo and mail were handled at the Siberian gateway, up 6 percent year-on-year. 32,000 tons are forecast for 2014.

The future marketing of the WCCA product lies in the hands of BST Logistics, a Chinese forwarder who presently operates cargo flights to and from Europe.
Some of these are presently being routed through Hahn Airport.
It is well known that Hahn’s procurement management is going all out to attract more business into their airport.
Rumors have it that any day now, a new cargo carrier will be added to Hahn’s books.
It can be assumed that if this comes off, that BST will be pulling the strings and that the carrier in question will be brought into the planned round the world flights originating in Zhengzhou and routing via the USA and Hahn back to China via Novosibirsk.

BST is presently offering flights to shippers from China to Europe. These are also presently turning around in Hahn.

Hahn’s management is understandably being tight lipped at the moment as to whether a new carrier is on the way and who it might be.
Leipzig Airport was also brought into the WCCA fold at exactly the same time that Hahn signed up with Zhengzhou.
It is however unlikely that Leipzig will come into the above equation, or, is it that the WCCA management is keeping all its options open?

BST President, Shen Hong is quoted as saying, “considering the favorable geographical location, Novosibirsk air hub stands for one of the most accessible transit points to Europe. WCCA membership of Novosibirsk airport will significantly enhance competitiveness of the Alliance airports at large.”

Well!, if that’s the case, then we can expect the flights through HHN any time now!

John Mc Donagh

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