Hughes to Follow Vertannes

Glyn Hughes will take the chair at IATA Cargo. This personnel decision by the organization does not really come as surprise.

Glyn Hughes becomes new IATA cargo boss / source: IATA
Glyn Hughes becomes new IATA cargo boss / source: IATA

The International Air Transport Association announced the appointment, effective June 9, of Glyn Hughes as the association’s next global head of cargo. Glyn is replacing Des Vertannes who joined IATA in June 2010 as Global Head of Cargo, but after four years in the position has now announced his retirement from the air cargo business.

Glyn came to IATA in 1991 to enhance and expand the cargo accounts settlement service, growing it from 35 to nearly 100 operations while maintaining low levels of agency default and decreasing overall operating costs for members. More recently, he has led IATA Cargo’s initiatives, embracing industry management and relationship building, including being part of the Global Air Cargo Advisory Group steering committee. He has led a campaign to promote the value of air cargo, and is taking a principal role in the IATA team working to modernize the cargo agency program.

States Tony Tyler, IATA’s director general and CEO: “I am delighted that Glyn has agreed to become our new Head of Cargo. He has worked very closely with Des Vertannes these past four years and is well placed to continue the important work of driving the transformation of the air cargo business and supporting our members in the delivery of industry objectives. He is well known and respected across the air cargo industry, and I know he will have tremendous goodwill and support." He went on to say: "Air cargo faces considerable challenges and we have an ambitious goal to improve the industry’s competitiveness through a cut in end-to-end shipping times of up to 48 hours.”
Tyler concludes by saying that “Glyn and his team will be dedicated to that goal, as well as to deliver the industry priorities of safety, security, quality, modernization and transformation through the e-cargo agenda.”

It’s certainly not an easy task that Glyn has taken on despite the inroads that Des and he have made within the past four years.
He has the distinct advantage of being au-fait with the plans Des Vertannes and his team have put together in order to streamline IATA Cargo’s development for the future.
We wish him lots of good luck and success for his tenure.

Heiner Siegmund / John Mc Donagh

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