Jettainer Lands ULD Contract with Jet Airways

Frankfurt-based ULD manager Jettainer and Mumbai-headquartered carrier Jet Airways have agreed on a five year contract on ULD services. It basically includes the complete outsourcing of containers, pallets and other transport equipment by Jet, handing over the responsibility for this service to Jettainer.  

Jettainer boss Carsten Hernig (left) and VP Cargo Mohammad Ali El Ariss of Jet Airways sealed the deal  /  source: Jettainer
Jettainer boss Carsten Hernig (left) and VP Cargo Mohammad Ali El Ariss of Jet Airways sealed the deal / source: Jettainer

The deal foresees the handling of 1279 unit load devices by Jettainer, from which almost 600 are light weight containers. The Jettainer provided and managed ULDs will fly on routes between New Delhi, Mumbai, Brussels, London, Paris, Newark (USA), Toronto, and Hong Kong on flights operated by Jet Airways as well as any new wide body flights the Indian carrier launches. Today, the airline operates Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft jetliners on these segments.
Comments Gaurang Shetty, Senior Vice President Commercial, Jet Airways: “As part of our continuous attempts to innovate, reduce cost and enhance efficiency, we are excited about this outsourcing arrangement. Jettainer’s expertise and professionalism will facilitate Jet Airways’ wide body operations.”

Why, is explained in a joint statement both parties have issued. There, Jettainer speaks of a “highly precise controlling tool with a track and trace application,” offered to their clients. 
Part of the now signed agreement is that Jet Airways replaces most of their older containers that fit into the holds of their passenger fleet with new ULDs. This not only saves money but reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Says Jettainer: “Due to our light weights both our new client Jet Airways and the environment will benefit from lower fuel consumption.”

Jet is Jettainer’s first Asian customer. Signing the deal can also be considered a big success for Carsten Hernig, the company’s recently appointed Managing Director. “Jet Airways’ network fits well into our own global network of Jettainer stations and complements our existing services.” Carsten goes on to say that India is an important market for the fast developing aviation sector which thanks to the Jet Airways’ deal his company was now able to get a first foot in the door. Further he points out that the Jet contract will likely open up new doors in Far and Southeast Asia for his enterprise, predominantly at airlines based in China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and also Australia.
He notes that the vast region is home of many renowned carriers offering their passengers and cargo clients a global network. “We are quite certain that other airlines will monitor the success of our ULD services provided for Jet Airways pretty closely,” Hernig stated.

Having said this he expressed his conviction that some carriers will follow suit once they see that the decision of a local market leader like Jet to outsource its own ULD biz to service provider Jettainer pays off. “The more customers come on board the better because this greatly improves the product quality and leads to a cost-reducing economy of scales effect.”

Jettainer GmbH is a 100 percent subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo AG. Jettainer currently takes care of a fleet of 70,000-plus ULDs for fourteen airlines. The ULD manager operates at more than 400 airports around the world

Heiner Siegmund

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