Zimpelmann buys Lindenberg – and Helps Cargo Human Care

Recently, fruit retailer René Zimpelmann purchased a drawing from the famous German musician and artist Udo Lindenberg in an online auction. The price of 2,111.02 euros he finally got the artwork for will serve a good purpose: the support of Cargo Human Care - a humanitarian and medical aid project in Kenya, founded by employees of Lufthansa Cargo in cooperation with German medics. 

The story begins in April of 2007 when Lufthansa Cargo’s former Executive Board member Karl-Heinz Koepfle together with some executives came into the lounge of Hamburg’s noble Atlantic Hotel, seeing the artist Udo Lindenberg sitting there. After some photos portraying the managers together with Lindenberg Udo started drawing a picture with a marker, dedicating it to the LH Cargo delegation. Since then this unique specimen hung at Koepfle’s LH Cargo office who now handed it over to Cargo Human Care, with the approval and support of Lindenberg, for auctioning it for a good case.

After displaying it at the carrier’s restaurant in Frankfurt for some days for motivating the staff to participate in the auctioning process the owner of Zimpelmann-Select-Fruit GmbH acquired the picture, paying 2,111.02 euros. Asked what motivated him René Zimpelmann said one reason is that he and his entire family admire artist Lindenberg since long. But the more important aspect is that the Cargo Human Care project in Nairobi will benefit from his money spent for the drawing. “Lufthansa Cargo’s head of the MD-11 freighter fleet, Fokko Doyen, who heads Cargo Human Care and his entire team are doing a fantastic job, which I am proud to support with a small donation,” René stated when approached by CargoForwarder Global. Where the drawing will be hung up he hasn’t decided yet. Says René: “Best place I think would be the Cargo Human Care facility in Nairobi.” 

Heiner Siegmund

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    Martin Schlingensiepen /Cargo Human Care (Sunday, 01 June 2014 16:29)

    Fantastic result for our orphans and people in need in Kenya, especially that Mr Zimpelmann, owner of the Select-Fruit company was the highest bidder. He already supports or foster home in Nairobi with weekly free deliveries of fruit and vegetables. We are honored that such a loyal LH Cargo customer and strong supporter of Cargo Human Care has contributed to our good cause. We now plan a personal handover of the original drawing together with K.H. Koepfle, who donated the art piece. Thank you very much Mr Zimplemann.