Hahn Cargo gets Awarded for its Excellence

Hahn Airport’s Cargo Division was again happy to be the recipient for the sixth time of the “Air Cargo Award of Excellence.”
The award was handed to Hahn airport by the cargo magazine Air Cargo World and was the result of a survey among its readers.

The survey evaluated the quality of the cargo handling as well as pricing in comparison to services offered, the condition of handling facilities available as well as support given by relevant authorities at the airports.

Hahn Airport handled a total of 153,000 tons of cargo in 2013 and rates as Germany’s fifth largest cargo airport.
It has a 3,800 meter long runway which can handle almost any aircraft and a 24/7 opening time.
Earlier this year the airport went through changes in its management and at that time it was clearly stated by both the management and Board of Directors, that they would intensify efforts to bring Hahn more onto the map in Germany.
This also applies of course to its cargo product.

Christoph Goetzmann, Director of Business Development at Hahn Airport told CargoForwarder Global that “we are very proud to have received this award once again and we see it as a commitment for the airport’s future development and as a further impulse for us to develop and maintain new business for the airport.”

John Mc Donagh