TIACA Launches a Professional Development Program

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) announced April 24th at its Annual General Meeting in Istanbul that it will launch new educational workshop, to be named as “Air Cargo Professional Development Program” during this summer.
This announcement was one which came on the first day of their yearly “sit-in.“

Are pushing TIACA’s Cargo Professional Development Program forward (l > r): Doug Britten, Oliver Evans, Jim Edgar  /  source: TIACA
Are pushing TIACA’s Cargo Professional Development Program forward (l > r): Doug Britten, Oliver Evans, Jim Edgar / source: TIACA

“A practical series of professional development workshops”
This is how the TIACA board members termed their new program which is planned to start in the Netherlands.
The three day program is allegedly specifically geared to the air cargo logistics industry in order to develop management and decision making skills, including financial analysis and marketing, along with team building leadership expertise, the statement notes.

Doug Britten, TIACA’s Secretary General, goes on to say, “the new program addresses all the specific needs of the air freight industry and will give students the practical information and skills they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis.”
TIACA claims that the workshops will provide the best possible backdrop for raising questions and thoughts as well as creating the process of change required for industry development and growth.

The industry badly needs qualified personnel
The Program itself is the result of a strategic collaboration between TIACA and Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI) with the aim of filling the management knowledge gap which was clearly identified in a report issued by TIACA in January of this year.
The report which was the conclusion of a two year study involving TIACA, IATA and FIATA, concludes that courses focused on teaching vital “soft skills” were badly needed in order to avoid a future leadership crisis in the industry.

Up to 25 participants can be expected to attend the first session which will be held in Amsterdam from 25 - 27 June.
Interested delegates can register through the TIACA website: www.tiaca.org

Jim Edgar, TIACA ERC Chairman states “that worldwide air cargo traffic is expected to continue growing and our industry is going to need a new and increasing source of suitably qualified managers to support this.”

If this program can achieve all of this, then it’s indeed a commendable method of integrating young potential into our industry, which more than ever needs fresh minds and achievers for the future.

John Mc Donagh