SDG and SASI Join on Cargo and Passenger Consultancy

The aviation market is in constant turmoil and confronted with challenges such as loss making sectors, new security demands, the need for better streamlining of services and so on. One of the biggest complaints has been that consultants deliver expensive reports, then walk away and leave the client to try and make it work. That could be changing now with the latest offering from Steer Davies and Gleave (SDG) and Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI).

Are partnering for jointly promoting aviation consultancy services – Stephen Wainwright of SDG and SASI’s Stan Wraight  /  source: private

Steer Davies Gleave (SDG) and Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI) have formed a collaboration agreement with the aim of jointly promoting aviation consultancy services to the airline industry as well as to airports and logistics enterprises worldwide.

SDG’s global expertise lies mainly in the air passenger and regulatory fields, whereby SASI concentrates on airline fleet and cargo, cargo facility design and logistics support programs. They are UK based, but have offices around the globe.

What both companies offer is complete independence from any aviation shareholder or institution than can cloud deliverables, and also a depth of experienced management with practical, real time experience in all sectors of the aviation business.

Both companies claim that this joint expertise offered in the aviation and cargo markets gives clients a unique service capability built on this combined global experience. The joint team brings together international expert analysts and senior industry figures, who between them have unrivalled practical know how in passenger and cargo, both on a global and regional level.

SDG and SASI are currently working together on various airport privatization projects for both cargo and passenger optimization.

Stephen Wainwright, Director and Head of Aviation at SDG states that “this collaboration agreement extends our strategic consultancy offer to the industry and means that we can provide the global aviation market something that is truly unique.”

Stan Wraight, SASI’s Executive Director, adds that “together our independent analysis and advice will give our mutual clients access to best in class service offerings. SASI’s expertise in Airline Management, Fleet Management and Cargo Facility Design has been used by numerous airlines, airports and financial institutions for years now, since 2005.”

Stan went on to say: “We pride ourselves on producing expert advice, and unlike others we stay with the client throughout the entire implementation phase when requested. We do not just produce documents and statistics; we produce working documents and work beside our clients through the implementation phase as well.”

Maybe a way for embattled aviation enterprises to streamline their products?

Heiner Siegmund