Hermes Active in Abu Dhabi for Etihad

Hermes air cargo management systems, the UK based company which specializes in the preparation and set up of cargo handling systems worldwide, has won a lucrative contract to develop and implement a new cargo handling system for Etihad Airways at their Abu Dhabi hub.

Steve Montgomery of Hermes sees the Etihad deal as part of a long term cooperation with the Gulf carrier  /  source: Hermes
Steve Montgomery of Hermes sees the Etihad deal as part of a long term cooperation with the Gulf carrier / source: Hermes

Hermes claims that their systems are in use at over 70 cargo terminals worldwide.This new contract for the Etihad cargo hub in AUH is a further feather in their hat.
This partnership with Etihad means that the carrier will have immediate benefit of the the full Hermes air cargo system currently available in order to run their existing cargo operation while the new modernized hub in AUH is being built. This includes better ULD control, greater effeciency, streamlining of processes and the use of the Hermes dangerous goods module.

Steve Montgomery, Hermes Chief Cargo Officer, sees this contract as part of a long term agreement which will see the Etihad and Hermes cargo teams working closely together as they jointly evolve the Hermes system to meet the specific requirements of Etihad‘s new future hub and also meet their strategic growth plans.

The Hermes team have been succesful in the past years in developing, setting up and installing what they term as a „state-of-the-art cargo management system which meets the needs of air cargo handlers and carriers worldwide. This encompasses a complete and integrated IT solution for all physical handling, documentation and real time messaging.
This, in their view, also ensures a real time paperless warehouse where operational throughput is increased without extra costs.
The company further states that it has developed the most versatile and sophisticated system which is available on the market today.

Etihad Airways continues it‘s worldwide growth and it‘s ambitions to have their AUH hub as a world leader for passenger and cargo operations in the future. The new cargo hub which is planned to be ready in the near future, must ensure up-to-date systems in order to guarentee it‘s customers quick turn around and transit possibilities.
It looks like they have put all their faith in the Hermes team.

Etihad has still not given the green light on it‘s planned involvement in Alitalia, Italy‘s ailing national carrier.
James Hogan, Etihad‘s CEO, was last week quoted as  saying it‘s still a 50-50 chance that Etihad will step in. However, he further stated that „we had also entered into due diligence with other airlines in the past and walked away.“
It is no secret that Etihad has insisted on heavy restructuring of Alitalia‘s debt and job cuts.
Seems this story is not yet at an end.

John Mc Donagh