Cargolux Employees Issue Loud Warning Cry

Source: Cargolux, a carrier in turbulences
Source: Cargolux, a carrier in turbulences

In a letter to Paul Helminger, Cargolux’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, the delegates of the airline’s Works Council express their deep concerns on the future of the carrier. This is in addition to the document sent to Mr Helminger (see separate article herein) by a top CV executive and is a further criticism of the BOD’s policy. Excerpts from the letter are exclusively published hereunder.

                            Luxembourg, January 29th, 2014

Dear Mr Helminger,

The Cargolux staff Delegation is gravely concerned about the future of Cargolux Airlines given the recent resignation of two key Senior Executives, especially at this particular point in time when the organization needs clear direction and decisive leadership.
In the current business environment, where strong leadership and stability in our management is of utmost importance, the vast majority of Cargolux employees feel that by so readily accepting these resignations the BOD (Board of Directors) has weakened our company (…)
It must be noted that it was brought to your attention on the 13th of December 2013 that action was required by the BOD to repair the relationship between the BOD and the Excom (Executive Committee) with the explicit intention of avoiding this very outcome.
We recognize that the resignations were initiated by the two individuals; however it is also reality that adequate steps were not taken by the BOD to overt this impasse. 
It is appreciated that the BOD is actively vetting applicants to fill the post of CEO and must now fill two further positions in Excom.
In this regard we implore you to assure that the people chosen to fill these vacant positions have appropriate industry experience and a proven commitment and respect for representative structures and a collaborative leadership style (…)
Now that Excom has been reduced to essentially two members, the employees require reassurance from the BOD that the necessary actions are being taken to ensure the future viability of Cargolux Airlines.
If employee confidence in the BOD deteriorates, we fear that the resultant rumors, political and media momentum could inflict further undesired tarnishing of the Cargolux reputation. We herewith call on you to personally address the employees in order to prevent any escalation of speculations and/or rumors.
On behalf of the staff delegation, yours sincerely,

Becker Dirk, Dargan Christine, Faulhaber Bettina, Krier Joel,
Kristjansson Einar, Massaro David, Mertens Claude, Mosel Astrid,
Painter Duncan, Pelzer Simone, Schroeder Martin, Wainwright David

Exited CV – Head of Sales, Robert van de Weg
Exited CV – Head of Sales, Robert van de Weg
Followed soon after – Head of Operation, Peter van de Pas.
Followed soon after – Head of Operation, Peter van de Pas.

Search for new CEO goes on

Meanwhile, Cargolux continues trying to find a new CEO. The post is deserted since Frank Reimen’s demise in mid-2012 as result of severe differences with CV’s former partner Qatar Airways. Ever since, the airline is headed by its interim CEO Richard Forson.
This is what the freight carrier’s Director Communications, Martin Scheuren, told the media in a release published on 29th January (excerpt):

“Cargolux today confirmed that no decision regarding any successful potential (CEO) candidate had been made.
Cargolux reiterated that the consulting firm Spencer Stuart had been commissioned with identifying interested candidates and tasked with short listing the most suitable individuals for this post after the expiry of the application submission deadline of 12th February, 2014.”

Current speculations that the name of industry veteran Bruno Sidler is standing high on the list of candidates Cargolux did not comment on this.

Source: DKSH; Bruno Siedler
Source: DKSH; Bruno Siedler

Former Panalpina helmsman Sidler would be an ideal solution, industry observers believe, since the Swiss logistics giant cooperates very intensely with Cargolux for decades already. This applies predominantly to Sidler’s Panalpina era.

Texts compiled by Heiner Siegmund