ProAir Pacts With Air Cargo Associates

  Tim Farrel                                                                             Andreas Wald

The European and U.S. charter brokers signed a transatlantic cooperation agreement enabling them to align their activities for the benefit of their clients.

Broker ProAir Charter Transport GmbH of Germany and North American Air Cargo Associates Inc. have agreed on a mutual cooperation to intensify marketing and sales activities on the European and American markets.

The collaboration is deemed to allow both enterprises to better serve their respective customers by bundling their individual expertise which each of the partnering firms has gained over many years. Their aim is that: both will jointly market available transport capacity, offer supporting ground handling activities, and will mutually engage in sourcing related issues.
The two companies are experienced pros in charter brokerage with 1978 established Air Cargo Associates claiming to be the oldest charter broker in the U.S., while Stuttgart and Frankfurt-based ProAir has expanded its presence in recent years by establishing offices in the UK, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates.

Tim Farrell, responsible Charter Manager of Air Cargo Associates, stated when signing the agreement: "Over the years we have found that cooperating strategically with other brokers and firms active in project logistics is a great opportunity to widen the biz, step into new markets, and provide a broadened level of services for customers." The executive went on to say, while raising his glass to this pact: "I am fully convinced this cooperation will leverage great opportunities to ACA and ProAir in the immediate and long-term future."

Manager Andreas Wald of ProAir immediately reacted by saying: "We have experienced that we are able to increase our competitiveness substantially in markets where we partner with a local broker. This applies especially for North America that offers ample opportunities in cargo and also passenger charter brokerage. Therefore, we as ProAir are convinced that by joining forces with ACA our business will widen and predominantly pay off for our customers."

His enterprise was incepted in 1996 by Thomas Godau, Elmar Monreal, and Kim Witschas. Starting from scratch the broker meanwhile manages 1,000-plus charter flights each year, both in the fields of cargo and passenger services. In 2007 the newly-founded offspring ProAir Aviation was added to the group, which possesses its own AOC and manages a four aircraft comprised fleet of Cessnas, Pipers, together with a Bombardier Learjet. All aircraft are utilized for passenger services as well as transporting urgently needed smaller air freight consignments.
Heiner Siegmund