CargoForwarder Goes “GLOBAL“

   Heiner Siegmund                                                                            John Mc Donagh


CargoForwarder was first published on 7 August of 2012 and has since then endeavored to supply its subscribers and a fast growing readership with actual, factual and interesting news of the air cargo and logistics industry.
We started our online weekly NewsMail serving a limited subscription base within Germany and Europe.
In the meantime we are proud to announce that subscription coverage is almost worldwide and that we can list 10,000-plus regular subscribers.
On average, CargoForwarder is issued twice or three times a week, depending on actual BREAKING NEWS which is released right after we have gotten wind of it. 
We think that this is reason enough to change the image somewhat and have duly reworked our homepage and presentation for easier and better reading.

As of today CARGOFORWARDER GLOBAL is our new heading.

We look forward to continuing supplying our readers with “Actual, Analytical & Professional“ news related to the Air Cargo Industry.

Heiner Siegmund               John Mc Donagh